FishHunter™ FAQ


How do I make my pins private so no one sees them but me?

Odpowiedź – Go to the “More” section from the home screen menu, and click on the button labeled “Help”.

Where is the help area?

Odpowiedź – Go to the “More” section from the home screen menu, and click on the button labeled “Help”.

Why can’t I upload images?

Odpowiedź – Ensure that you are connected to the Internet. Without it, you will not be able to upload images.

Why doesn’t my GPS work with my App?

Odpowiedź – Go into your phones settings, and make sure that location services are turned on for the FISHHUNTER FISHING APP. in addition, your device must have direct access to the sky to receive and send GPS signals.

Where can I send suggestions?

Odpowiedź – Please contact us with any suggestions, questions, or concerns you may have.

Why won’t the app find my sonar?

Odpowiedź – Please see our Military Grade Sonar Manual OR our Directional 3D Manual for connectivity troubleshooting.

If I make my data public who will see it?

Odpowiedź – Other members of the FishHunter community.

For my pins how do I not share their location but still share my catches?

Odpowiedź – You can change the selection in the app by “de-selecting” the option when you “save” your pins. That will still save the pin for your personal view but not allow others to see your pins. FishHunter offers you the most advanced tracking and mapping available in an app today. Identify hazards and find marinas, bait shops or other fishermen in a matter of seconds. Our intuitive interface makes it easy to drop, select, group, rate or share spots with other FishHunters!

What is the “Map“ function and how do I use it?

Placing a Pin: To place a pin on a map, simply click on “Drop Pin” and select between “Use Current Location” or “Center of this Map” (which will allow you to drag the newly added pin around). You can also enter the name of the city or the lake in the “Search” field under “Drop Pin”. Once you have dropped a pin, you can share, rate, and edit the pin whenever you like. Finding a Spot: The map also allows you to find the location you would like to go. Simply click on “Search” and type in a location for the map to zoom to. Filter: The “Filter” button allows you to narrow the results of your search by pin type, minimum pin rating, catch details, and who dropped the pin. This way you can see exactly what you are looking for-and nothing else!

What is the “Add Catch“ button and how do I use it?

To add a Catch, simply click on the camera icon located in the “menu bar” (across the bottom of your app screen) called “Add Catch”. There you’ll be able to access your photo library, your camera, or your sonar gallery and select the picture you would like to enter. Don’t forget to add as much information about your catch as you can: species, bait type used, weight, length and a little blurb about your awesome catch! Under “Catch Settings,” you’ll be able to select between “share catch” or make it private by choosing “private location”.

What is the “Catches“ button and how do I use it?

When you click on the “Catches” button (located in the “menu bar” across the bottom of the app screen) you will be able to choose from “All Catches”, “My Catches”, “Contests”, and “Sort By”: “All Catches”: Here you will be able to see every catch that was made public by its author. Notice that by clicking on the box next to each catch, you have the chance to comment on the catch, check the location of the pin, share it, rate it, like it, follow the FishHunter who uploaded that catch picture, create a pin for the catch or flag the catch. “My Catches”: These are catches posted by you. Here you have a chronological list of all the pictures you have posted thus far (and the activity on each one of them). “Contests”: We run 4 contests every 6 weeks. The current contests are(closing September 15th): Photo Contest  LIVE BAIT CATCH, LIVE BAIT TIGHT SPOT, SECRET FISHING SPOT, FISHFINDER BOTTOM CONTOUR. FishHunter selects the 3 best pictures in each category and awards the winners with iPad Minis, FishHunter Fishfinders, and Waterproof Cases. To enter, go to the “contest” tab (under “Catches”), select the contest(s) you would like to enter to win, and click “enter”. It’s that simple! To vote for your favourite picture, simply click on the “vote” button on the box net to the picture. “Sort By”: Here you have a chance to filter what you would like to see. You can filter your catches by fish species, bait used, fish weight, fish length, or by the month the picture was posted. You can also specify which catches you would like to see (All People? My Own Catches? Followed FishHunters?)

How can I connect with other app users?

To connect with other FishHunters, simply click on the “More” button (located in the far right of the menu bar, across the bottom of the app screen) and select “Find FishHunters”. There you’ll have the ability to search for other app users by location or within a certain geographic range. Note that you also have the ability to invite friends to join the app. Click on “invite” (located on the top far left of the Find FishHunters screen) and choose between inviting via Twitter, Facebook, or e-mail.